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More than just building insurance repairs

Sure, we are specialists in building insurance repairs in the event of fire, flood, storm etc. But did you know that HPG Insurance and Maintenance Works offers a full service of building solutions, including bathroom renovations plus residential and commercial property maintenance?

We build our projects like it’s for ourselves. With a core focus on customer satisfaction, our dedication to this means we take pride in the quality of our work and ensure a high degree of reliability and versatility.
No matter the size of the job, we are prepared. Residential or commercial, big or small, we strive to get it right… the first time.
HPG Insurance and Maintenance Works promise to complete your job above code specifications, and provide quality and service every step of the way.
Having the right people for the job with extensive experience in construction, renovation and project management means we can deliver quality work, on time and on budget.

What we do…

HPG Insurance and Maintenance Works strive to be ‘one solution for all your needs’. We offer a full service of building solutions, specialising in building insurance repairs, property maintenance, renovations and bathroom renovations and have a core focus on customer satisfaction.
Currently our team is built with over 80 tradespeople, consisting of carpenters, plumbers, painters, plasterers, roofers tilers, electricians and many more.

All our tradespeople are fully licensed and registered ensuring that your job is completed above code and our dedication to customer satisfaction means that we take pride in the quality of our work, ensuring a high degree of reliability and versatility… we build our project like it’s for ourselves.
We have been involved in repairs for smaller events such as break-ins and water damage, to environmental disasters such as hail storms, flooding and bush fires as recently experienced in South Australia with flash flooding, the Sampson Flat and Pinery Fires.

We offer a full service building solution, specialising in building insurance repairs, property maintenance, renovations of all types, including Bathroom and Kitchens, extensions and general annual/periodic maintenance and cleaning programs. In addition to all of this we also offer complete services to the Aged Care sector, NDIS (accredited) and many private housing provider organisations. Throughout all of these areas, our core focus of Customer Satisfaction is consistently maintained.
Currently our team consists of raft of professional/specialists and over 240 tradespeople…

Our skills

Building insurance repairs
Property maintenance
Bathroom renovations
Building assessments
Building repairs

Senior management team

Val Fuda

Chief Executive Officer


Val Fuda has 20 years experience in the construction industry. Since inception, HPG has provided a range of services including building design, additions and remediation, diversified construction, contract maintenance services and land development consulting.

In 1999 HPG Insurance Works has since developed a large and successful team of qualified Supervisors and Admin staff, all of who are all well respected in the insurance and maintenance industry.

Val has managed each stage of the construction process on multiple projects from early concepts through to handover and completion.
He has a passion for building and finds the technical side of building an enjoyable challenge. Val aspires to work with a team with the same vision of synergy and communication for the building industry.

Val’s role as CEO is to provide leadership to the project team.

Peter Fleming

General Manager Insurance & Maintenance Works


Peter Fleming has over 20 years’ experience working within the building industry in various roles including building supervisor, operations manager, construction manager and General Manager.

Peter’s experience in these roles involved being responsible for managing complex projects from concept stage through to fully operational status, managing business operations, new business opportunities, developing strategies and evaluating effectiveness of marketing programs.

His experience also includes all aspects of construction management and site supervision.

Peter has been a member of the HIA since 1996, where he served as chairman of the HIA technical committee. In March 2017 Peter was awarded the position of Vice President.